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Hi Folks,

Max-and-Mom Thanks for visiting our blog!

I am Charlotte Mathes and my son, Max Mathes-Redd and I are The Mathes Group, an educational family business. Now that I have retired from college level teaching and Max is a trainer and curriculum writer, we have joined forces to continue our passion for teaching and writing. In order to share our writings and keep our sanity in this crazy fast world, we have taken up studying doodads.  “What the heck is a doodad,” you might ask.  Doodads is a nonsensical word that  can be used to describe almost anything. Max and I use doodad to describe an idea that makes one or both of us curious. For example, a doodad can be a website, a book, a game, a toy,  or a whatchamacallit.

To get things rolling, we created this doodads blog  on some of our favorite subjects. If you are not interested in any of our doodads, no worries! just bookmark us and come back later. We have lots of doodads. We’ll make a doodader out of you yet.

For dieters, check this out:


For dog lovers and railroaders, check this out:




Willis, Cavachon Puppy

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